We’re all about the
MAMA of the world.

We are committed to making every mother full of bodypositive during pregnancy and breastfeeding journey. Our founders have observed all the Nursing bras on the market and found that there has never been a maternity bra that can balance the comfort of breastfeeding and the beauty of women. Born out of a desire for something chic and elevated, we created MOMANDA to fill a void in the maternity clothing market. Our products are designed to make each moment - pregnant or not – enjoyable, rich, fun and beautiful. We’re obsessed about individuality. We're obsessed about quality. Simply put, we make the perfect combination of fancy and practical.

" I am a mom
 but I wasn't ancient! " 

After a lifetime of wearing beautiful lingerie, a lot of mamas weren't prepared to give it up and it did nothing for Themselves confidence as body shape changed. And Momanda was born for this. It's such a critical time in a woman's life, we are so hard on ourselves, We're so proud that we have been able to add joy to mother's lives through the colours and styles of our lingerie.


We know that a mom’s body fluctuates month to month and we have developed our bras to respond to those changes, conform to her changing shape and  Move With Her.

You’ve got this!

We 100% support breastfeeding. It’s such an amazing gift that we’ve been given and the benefits of breast-milk are undeniable for both you and your baby. However we also believe that women should be able to breastfeed for as long as they want, or not at all, without any judgement. Essentially it’s whatever works for you and your baby. Don’t forget you’ve grown a human, just do what works, don’t add additional pressure to yourself, you’re amazing as you are, with or without breastfeeding.

We’ve got this!

We are proud to able to say that over 80% of our MOMANDA team are mothers and we offer flexible hours so most of our team will work only within school hours. We pride ourselves on our supportive environment and being able to help mothers on the path for a happy work-life balance.