Your Guide to Breast Pumps in 2022

Your Guide to Breast Pumps in 2022

Are you looking to invest in a breast pump, but are feeling clueless about where to begin?!

You are in the right place!

In this article, we will guide you through everything that you need to know to ensure that you purchase the best breast pump for you and your needs!

We will discuss:

  • WHY women choose to use a breast pump
  • What to consider when purchasing a breast pump 
  • And finally, our favorite breast pumps available in 2022.

Let’s get into it!

Why Women Choose to Use a Breast Pump

If you are not a mom or have never found yourself needing to use a breast pump, the idea of it can be obscure! However, breast pumps serve a unique and helpful purpose. Simply put, breast pumps are used to express breastmilk. This is important for many reasons, including:

📌To relieve engorgement

Especially in the early days of breastfeeding, a mom’s breast milk production is not regulated. This often leads to an overproduction of milk, resulting in “engorgement”. Engorgement is where the breasts become overly full with milk. This can be extremely uncomfortable, and even painful.

Using a breast pump can bring temporary relief by removing milk from the breast, although it should not be the go-to source of relief. Learn more about breast milk production HERE

📌The benefits of breastmilk are worthwhile.

Breast milk is packed with unique vitamins and nutrients that are great for a growing baby. Some of these benefits include strengthened immunity, improved digestion, lowered risk of asthma, increased attachment, and more!

📌Breast milk is free

In an era where necessities like formula continue to skyrocket in monetary value, the fact that breast milk is free is continually appealing.

📌If the baby can’t latch

With the help of a lactation consultant, most babies will be able to latch eventually. However, some babies are unable to latch, due to circumstances like prematurity, illness, special needs, etc. Pumping breastmilk allows the “liquid gold” to be spoon-fed, bottle-fed, or syringe-fed.

SPOILER ALERT!  Our current favorite pump is the Medela Freestyle Flex Double Electric Breast Pump! Keep reading to find out WHY!

What to Consider When Purchasing a Breast Pump

While breastfeeding technically requires ZERO “equipment” (making it the most convenient form of feeding), there are some tools that are worth investing in to make your journey easier.

Here are some items to stock up on if you are considering breastfeeding!

  • What is your budget?
  • How often/ how intensively do you plan to use the pump?
  • Can you pump directly into a bottle or bag?
  • What extra features are included on the pump (a timer, nightlight, noise machine, etc.)?

Here at Momanda, we recognize how many tasks a busy mom has to complete every day. Sitting down to pump is a time-consuming job that typically requires both hands, making multitasking nearly impossible!

Cue the introduction of our Lace Hands-Free Nursing Bra!

This highly rated, commonly loved bra is also referred to as our “Do Anything” bra. Encouraging moms to keep up with doing the things they love, we created this bra to allow for multitasking.This beautiful bra has a stretchy inner layer that makes it easy to get the pump in or out. Featuring one-hand open clips for easy access, this bra reminds you of how unstoppable you are!

1. Top Breast Pumps in 2022

There are tons of great breast pumps on the market, but the perfect one for you will depend on your unique considerations and circumstances!

There are two primary types of breast pumps: manual and electric. Manual pumps express milk using suction, while electric pumps require a plug-in or batteries.

Here is a list of some of our favorite breast pumps. This list includes both manual and electric pumps, and takes into consideration a variety of budgets, lifestyles, requirements, and preferences!

📌Haakaa Manual Style Breast Pump

The Haakaa is a silicone breast pump that is renowned for its compact size, inexpensive cost, and easy portability. This award-winning pump is a best-seller, and is recommended by nurses, lactation consultants, doulas, and (most importantly) moms!

Utilizing the power of natural suction, simply squeeze the Haakaa, attach it to the breast, and let the suction do its job. This pump is fantastic for catching letdown, as it fits comfortably to the breast without taking up additional space.

Accommodating to women of any breast size, the Haaka flange was designed to fit unique breast shapes and sizes. This pump is made of soft, silicone that does not irritate the skin.

An incredible value for its price, the Haakaa is a great pump to keep on hand for any mom. Easily packable in your diaper bag or stored on your bedside table, the Haakaa is well worth considering.

📌Double Electric Wearable Breast Pump

This aesthetically pleasing portable pump is one of the most beautiful, wearable, electric pumps of its kind. Wireless and tubeless, this pump can be worn inside of a nursing bra, and it is discreet enough to be worn underneath your shirt.

Featuring 5 adjustable suction power levels, milk flows into the spill-proof storage containers that make this pump unique. The MomCozy pump is made of 100% safe, food-grade silicone materials. It is super quiet, thanks to the noise of the motor being controlled to under 55dB.

If you find yourself busy juggling work, household tasks, or other children, the double electric wearable breast pump is for you!

This popular breast pump is a great go-to if you are looking for a classic pump! Featuring ComfortFit flanges with a soft and flexible rim that maintains suction and efficiency, this pump is sure to fit well and comfortably.

This pump has hospital-grade suction capabilities that are intended to mimic the rhythm of a suckling baby, encouraging milk flow. With 8 easy to adjust suction levels, this pump has 3 different pumping styles.

While being very easy to use, this pump has an electric LCD, easy-to-use buttons, and a portable design. This pump is part of a Lansinoh breast pump line, equipped with breast milk storage bags and bottles for your convenience.

Ideal for the mom who pumps regularly, this pump is a convenient, cost-effective option.

There are many types of nursing pillows available, so it is important to consider what size and shape nursing pillows will be the most beneficial for you.

Here are some things to conside

This breast pump is designed to be everything you need in a pump, and more! Its light and compact design makes it easy to bring anywhere you need it, while its USB chargeable battery removes any limitations. This high-end pump is riddled with unique features, including the following:

  • “Double Pumping” yields more milk than traditional pumping
  • Technology to mimic baby’s natural sucking rhythm
  • Personal FitFlex breast shields support comfortable fit, encouraging milk flow.
  • Connection capabilities to the MyMedela app, connecting mom to a community of women who offer extra support! The app also tracks and logs pumping sessions, and creates a personal profile for you and your baby.

If your budget is flexible, Medela’s Freestyle Flex has everything you need to make the most of every pumping session!

Pumping isn’t easy, but it can be made easier by ensuring you are equipped with the best equipment to suit your needs. With the perfect breast pump, a ​​hands-free pumping bra, and a strong sense of purpose, you are setting yourself up for some serious breast pumping success!


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