Breastfeeding Care Instructions For New Moms 

Breastfeeding Care Instructions

First of all, mommies, congratulations on welcoming your little angel into this world. We are sure that munchkin is keeping you happy!If you are a new mom, nurturing your kid is your first priority, and that means breastfeeding. Honestly, every new mom struggles with breastfeeding, and it’s natural to feel stressed about it. So, if you are new to this and want to answer a million questions in your head, we are here with the breastfeeding care instructions!

Start Anticipating

You’ve given life to a new human being, and you’ve taken care of him/her for nine months – what makes you think you cannot take care of him/her right now? So, if you want to ease the breastfeeding journey, it’s time to start anticipating your baby’s wishes and desires. When your kid is hungry, he/she will raise or turn their head, open and close the mouth, stick out the tongue, or suck on whatever they can find. So, if your baby makes these moves, give them your breast right away because these are the tell-tale signs of hunger. In fact, when you give milk on time, it helps create intimacy and deepens the mother/baby relationship. 

Let Your Baby Decide 

Sure, you are the mama, and you know everything, but your baby knows his hunger better. So, it’s best to let your baby decide how often and how long you need to nurse them. Mostly, new mommies try to the predetermined intervals in feeding and deny food to the baby because it’s not the right time yet. In simpler words, there is no need to wake up the fast-asleep baby because it’s “time.” Having said that, let the baby have milk when he/she wants and don’t be too hard on it. Also, you don’t need to worry about the time stretch, be it 45 minutes or 10 minutes, because every kid is different. 

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Be Comfortable

When you nurse your baby, you will spend a significant amount of time holding your bundle of joy. So, in addition to wearing nursing bras and maternity lingerie, make sure you sit comfortably. To begin with, make sure that you breastfeed in the supported sitting position (do you know uncomfortable sitting position can lead to neck, shoulder, and back pain?). Similarly, make sure that you don’t squirm too much because it disrupts the baby’s mealtime, resulting in irritation. To be comfortable, you can sit in the reclined position with the baby swaddled in your arms or lie on the side and make your baby face you. Moreover, try to breastfeed while on the large couch or bed to ensure your arms and back are well-supported. 

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Relax, Mama!

In addition to ensuring your baby’s comfort, ensure that you are relaxed - wearing a cute nursing bra will actually make you more relaxed during your breastfeeding journey. Remember, the babies can sense if you are nervous and tense, which will adversely impact the latching. In simpler words, your baby won’t relax if you aren’t relaxed. For this reason, you must sit in a relaxed position and examine the surroundings as well – stay away from the stressful environment. If you are feeling nervous, take a few deep breaths, think of your happy place, and then breastfeed. 

What’s The Right Position For Your Baby?

Just like you are a new mom, your baby is latching on for the first time too. Your baby might have a hard time finding the right position that’s best for their breastfeeding experience. When they are positioned properly, their breastfeeding experience will be more relaxed. Some of the following tips can help ensure the right position for your baby;

  • The baby’s mouth should be at level with your nipple
  • Make sure they don’t have to turn the head too much
  • The head must be tilted back a bit
  • Try to ensure that your baby latches on to the entire areola (nope, not only the nipple)
  • The baby’s chin should be against the breast to ensure their nose is clear (it’s for uninterrupted breathing)

While these are some tried-and-tested tips, don’t force anything because your kid might have a different preference. So, if your baby has already found his/her favorite position, don’t disturb! 

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Leaking Is Alright 

Leaking Is Alright If you are new to mom’ing, we are sure you are stressed about leaking. Leaking is natural during the first few weeks of breastfeeding, so don’t stress about it. Leaking happens when your munchkin hasn’t been nursed for hours, when you feel stronger emotions, when you think about the baby, or when you hear some other babies cry. With time, this leaking will reduce and disappear as the breastfeeding routine is settled. Until then, you can simply use a nursing pad with your sexy nursing bras to absorb the leaking. So, mamas, take it easy because you will eventually get a hang of it! 

Angelia Smith  - Nov 21 2021


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