How To Find The Perfect Pumping Bra For Work?

Hands Free Pumping Bra
First of all, congratulations, mama, for the little munchkin – you are about to live a completely different life (we are sure you have gotten the glimpse by now!). Since your social experience and work experience is about to change, it’s time you get your hands on a pumping bra, so you don’t have to ruin your dress only because the baby is cooing for food. It’s evident that mommies want the style and support of a standard bra with the essential features of a nursing bra, including stretchable inner, one-hand open clips, and hook & eye closure. New moms often get overwhelmed when searching for the perfect pumping bra for work, but we have got you covered with the tips in this article! 

Measure Yourself Properly 

Step Number 1 – Fitting

To find the hands-free pumping bra that works in your favor, you need to put on the non-padded bra that provides the best shape and keep a notepad by your side. In addition, make sure you have a measuring tape and stand in front of the mirror and follow the below-mentioned instructions;

First of all, you have to keep in mind that you are taking the BUST measurement (A), which is measured across the fullest part of the breast, right above the nipple area.

The BAND measurement (B) is measured under the bust, and make sure you stand in front of the mirror. This is because you’ve to ensure that the measuring tape is parallel to the floor right along the back. If you see yourself in the band sizes, you need to round down or up to the even number, and it will be the rib band size.

Now, coming to the calculation part, you have to subtract the band size(B) from the bust size(A). You must count the difference in the form of inches, and you can consult the following chart to determine the bra size;

Size Guide

Step Number 2 – Start Planning

Once you know the cup size, you need to set the preferences right. It’s important to find the breast pump bra that works depending on your lifestyle and work environment. In addition, you should know how many bras you need to purchase (it is better to have three at hand because the backup is always welcomed). It’s safe to say that babies can make a mess, and laundry is not mommy’s best friend. MOMANDA has a range of pumping bras available if you want to try out a few, but identifying your preferences will help you shop for the right one.

Step Number 3 – Discover

Once you have the preferences set, it’s time you start sending shopping. MOMANDA pumping bras are a good choice since they provide the best comfort, convenience, and fit throughout your breastfeeding experience. It is suggested to invest in structured bras as they are better for your comfort and fitting. Women with small breasts can opt for thin material, but the structure is still welcome. The structured bras can hold on to the pump flanges better while improving suction and seal. Not to forget, the structured bras are more durable. 

MOMANDA actually is a do-anything-bra since it can be used for hands-free pumping, nursing, and daily usage.

Different from other traditional pumping bras, in addition soft fabric & no wire design, it does not need you to keep holding the baby bottle for pumping, but allows you to free your hands to cook and play with your phone, even take a nap on the sofa.

Most importantly, it is too pretty as a maternity bra! It allows every woman not to give up sexy lingerie for comfort and stereotypes of mothers, even when they are pregnant or breastfeeding. At the same time, a beautiful pumping bra can still make you feel that your body is attractive all the time, and it can also relieve postpartum depression.


Tip For Pumping At Work

Now that we have shared how you can get the perfect pumping bra for work, we are sharing the best tips to pump at work;

  • Always stick to the schedule because it really eases up things and keeps everything organized. It will help balance everything. It is better to plan the pumping session whenever your baby pumps when you are at home to prevent chances of leaking 
  • If your office place doesn’t have a door, communicate to your boss about a private and comfortable spot for pumping. Make sure the spot has a table, comfortable chair, and an electrical outlet 
  • With every session, try to pump until the breasts are empty (it takes around twenty minutes), and federal law protects you 
  • Don’t forget to snack on nuts, granola bars, yogurt, fruits, a15nd cheese as it keeps you nourished and let the juices (or milk) flowing 

So, are you ready to pump up, mama? 


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