Pregnancy Week by Week:
What to Expect Week 9-12

Pregnancy Week by Week: What to Expect Week 9-12

It’s been a few weeks now since you found out you are pregnant. You probably already know firsthand just how much pregnancy can throw all your body’s processes out of whack. Well, as you get later into your pregnancy, expect to experience even more changes.

In this installment of our Pregnancy Week by Week series, we are going to highlight some of the things you can expect to happen to you and your little one within these four weeks. We’ll tell you exactly how your baby is doing. We’ll also try to explain why you may be experiencing some of the symptoms you are seeing. Finally, we’ll give you some helpful tips that you can put into action between weeks 9 to 12 to make this journey a little bit easier for you.

Weeks 9 to 12 are at the tail end of the first trimester. Your baby has grown a lot over the last few weeks, and they are only going to keep growing! Here are some of the things you can expect for both yourself and your little one.

Week 9

What to expect for baby

Your little one is still very small by week 9. They are only about an inch tall at this point; about the size of a green olive.

This week, your baby will start to develop more features such as the ears, feet, and organs. They are just getting finished with the embryo stage, and you may even hear a faint heartbeat! However, if you can’t just yet, don’t worry about it. Sometimes, the baby is simply in a back-facing position or a little further back in the uterus. Just give them a little time to grow a little more then try again.

What to expect for mom to be

As for mom, the rigors of the first trimester probably have you feeling exhausted by now. Chronic fatigue is a completely normal symptom at this stage and something you should definitely expect.

It makes sense, after all. you are turning food into a bay, and your body is working twice as hard to nurture you and your little one! Breast tenderness is also very common around this stage. You’ll feel it only slightly at first, but over time, the pain will get more and more intense. A good nursing bra can help with this.

Tip of the week

If you are experiencing body aches this week, consider using either cold compresses or warm showers to soothe the pain. If your breasts are extremely tender, get a padded bra to help protect your sensitive nipples.

Also, by week 9, you need to start thinking about preparations for the baby. Set aside a budget and start thinking about how you will welcome them to your home. Think about things like maternity leave and how both you and your partner will handle things at work.

Week 10

What to expect for baby

By week 10, your little one officially stops being an embryo and becomes a fetus. You may notice that your belly is getting bigger now. That’s because your little one is getting bigger and bigger every day!

Between weeks 9 and 10, your baby has grown a whole half-inch more! They are now forming essential bones and cartilage and growing in size every day.

What to expect for mom to be

This week, your energy levels will start going up. This is great news! You can definitely start doing some of the things you have been putting off over the last 9 weeks.

That said, you’ll still be experiencing other symptoms such as morning sickness and needing to use the bathroom often. This is because at around this time, your kidneys are producing more urine than usual, making you need to go more often.

You’ll also be dealing with a bit of constipation as well. Don’t worry though, now that you are entering the second trimester, most of the symptoms you are probably sick of by now will start to ease off. At least that’s something to look forward to!

Tip of the week

You’ll start looking pregnant around this time. You’ll feel a slight bump coming up, which means you should start stocking up on looser clothes and maybe a bit of maternity wear. We highly recommend getting the right set of sleepwear that will serve you throughout your pregnancy.

As you shop, though, keep in mind that your body will keep changing over the next few months. So don’t go overboard!

Also, do not forget about your diet. Try eating more foods that are high in fiber, as well as vegetables and greens which will help soothe the morning sickness and constipation. As you do this, make sure you’re also drinking plenty of water and healthy juices to wash it all down too.

Week 11

What to expect for baby

Your baby has been growing a lot this week, and now weighs about a quarter of an ounce! Their head is also about as big as their entire body, but this will change over the next few weeks.

At this stage, individual fingers and toes can be seen on the baby’s body. As the body gets bigger, it’ll also begin stretching and straightening out inside the womb. While you won’t know the baby’s sex for a while, the reproductive organs will also start developing this week.

What to expect for mom to be

This week, you’ll start to feel the hunger and cravings that everyone’s been talking about coming in. You’re eating for two now, and your appetite is only going to get bigger in the coming weeks.

You’ll also be feeling more bloated and more gassy than usual. You can also expect to feel faintness or dizziness as you start to get over your fatigue. All these are completely normal symptoms that should go away on their own in the coming weeks.

Tip of the week

If you have any travel plans or vacations lined up, start planning for them now and try to go during your second trimester. The first trimester is packed full of nasty symptoms, but you can expect to feel energized in your second trimester. Do all the bonding you can with your partner during the next few weeks before the baby comes.

Let’s also talk about a bit of exercise. You know it’s good for you! Try doing some yoga to relax and destress. This will not only help keep your body prepared and healthy, but it can also help with any depression and anxiety you may be experiencing. If you have been having mood swings, expect them to only get worse later in your pregnancy. But they are definitely manageable!

Week 12

What to expect for baby

Your baby is getting bigger and bigger every day and has grown about an inch since the last week. They now have almost fully-functioning organs that need just a few more weeks to mature completely. By now, you can also be sure to hear their heartbeat!

What to expect for mom to be

Your hormones are starting to tone down a bit as you approach the end of your first trimester. You are probably experiencing fewer symptoms by this time.

Remember how you started to feel some dizziness and faintness last week? Well, these symptoms are going to get a bit more intense this week. The increased blood flow to your baby along with the relaxed blood vessels that facilitate this may cause you to feel more lightheaded.

You’ll also notice that your sex drive has significantly decreased. This is absolutely normal! It’s understandable to be in the mood for it especially when you’re dealing with constant nausea, cramps, and dizziness.

However, your sex drive will not stay completely dampened. Some women will experience random spikes in their sex drive this week!

Tip of the week

If you would like to share the big news with your friends and family, this is the time to do it!

As you go about your week, be sure to stay hydrated and eat well. If you are having intense dizzy spells and faintness, it could be a sign of low blood sugar. Try to drink as much water as you can: about 8 ounces every half hour.

Final Thoughts

Congratulations! You’ve just completed your first trimester! You are now officially a third of the way through your pregnancy.

Do not be alarmed at all the changes you’ve been seeing in your body these past four weeks. Not only is your baby growing rapidly but your body is also adjusting to this new human that’s inside of you. All those changes are just part of the process!

Angelia Smith - Feb. 21 2022


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