5 Things To Look For in a Nursing Bra

(And Our Favorite Bras!❤)

Lace Plunge Nursing Bra
Are you an expecting or new mom who is looking for an all-inclusive guide to nursing bras? If you answered yes, you are in the right place! In this article, we are going to go in-depth about why you should invest in high-quality nursing bras, what 5 things you need to look for in a bra, and our current favorites!  Let's get into it!

Why do I need to invest in a nursing bra?

As all parents know, parenthood comes with an infinite amount of expenses, and it is important to pick and choose where you want to save, and where you want to splurge.

Of course, our top priority is always ensuring that our little one has top-of-the-line editions of everything they could possibly need. As moms, we often find ourselves putting our own needs on the back burner, thinking we have all capacity to “suffer” through inconvenience.

When it comes to nursing bras, that is NOT the case.

Infants are notorious for cluster feeds, inconveniently timed feeds and messy feeds. If you are trying to navigate these feeds wearing your typical lingerie, prepare for a lot of struggle and frustration. 

The nursing bra is the perfect solution! Its comfortable, flexible material makes it easy to pull down in the case of an emergency feed, while still offering the support that any woman requires!

What to Look For in a Nursing Bra

Now that you know the value of a nursing bra, how do you choose one?
We have compiled a list of the top 5 things to consider when selecting one, to ensure that it is the perfect match for you!


Comfort is number one on our list for a reason! If nothing else, your nursing bra should in no way pinch, pull, or bother you. Especially within the early postpartum days, you will have so many things to focus on… wriggling to keep your bra from irritating you should not be one of them!
Opt for a bra made out of soft, hypoallergenic materials, and one with a thick band across the back. Remember, your body will be going through drastic changes at this time, so be sure to keep that in mind when you select sizes.

📌Good support

Your nursing bra needs to serve its purpose as supportive and dependable! Your breasts will continuously change size due to hormones and fluctuations in your milk supply, so you need a nursing bra that will support you through that!

📌Easy accessibility

The point of a nursing bra is to make it easy for you to unhook/fold down the part that covers the breast so that your little one has easy access to their food. 
Some bras'cups are too firm, making it difficult to do this. Before purchasing, practice unhooking and folding the cup down to see if it is convenient for you. If you are not able to try it on, look for soft materials and easy-to-use hooks. 

Lace Plunge Nursing Bralette

📌Different color options

You don’t need one nursing bra, or two nursing bras… you need enough to wear every single day! That means getting comfortable with the thought of wearing them whenever, with whatever clothing you choose!
Of course, nude colors are a great, versatile place to start. However, choosing vibrant colors is always fun and will make you excited to put your bra on each day!

Lace Plunge Nursing Bralette

📌Make you feel confident

Finally, it is SO important to select a bra that reminds you of who you are, and that helps you to feel confident!
So many mothers struggle with the transition from exciting lingerie, into bland, lifeless nursing bras. But this truly does not have to be the case… sexy nursing exists!

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different shapes and styles to help you to identify what works for you. When you feel confident, you are more courageous to tackle the challenges of life… which is priceless in motherhood!

Our Favorite Bras❤

Are you looking for recommendations? Look no further! Here are our all-time favorite bras, all available at Momanda:

You read that right! This bra is renowned as “our #1 bra”, for countless reasons, including:

  • Its practicality, while maintaining femininity
  • It is perfect for the woman craving both beauty and comfort
  • Made of gorgeous deco lace and a plunging neckline, making it the sexiest nursing bra available
  • Easy clipping for nursing
  • Adjustable straps
  • Back hook that adapts for body changes
  • Breathable lace and ultra-soft foam material accentuates comfort
Lace Plunge Nursing Bralette

Every woman needs a racerback bra in her closet! This adorable bra comes in 3 neutral, yet stunning colors. Other features include:

  • Its incredibly light lace material
  • It is wireless
  • Easy clipping for nursing
  • Pullover style (no back hook) for smooth lines and additional comfort

This sheer and sexy double-strap bralette is exactly what you need in your closet, available to throw on whenever you want to feel like “yourself” again! This bra features:

  • Twin strap design details
  • Wireless
  • Lightly lined for extra comfor
  • Easy clipping for nursing
  • Adjustable hook and eye closure at the back
Double-Strap Nursing Bralette

There you have it! Picking the right nursing bra is crucial because it can determine your breastfeeding/pumping child- impacting both you and your baby! Use our 5 points to evaluate exactly what you’re looking for, and don’t forget to check out Momanda for more great styles.


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